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of job seekers who visit job pages do not apply.

Reduce recruiting costs and time-to-hire by capturing and engaging the valuable passive talent you’re currently losing. 


Build a pipeline of passive talent

Maia captures the hard-earned talent you're currently losing.

Highly optimized exit-intent forms capture job seekers as they're leaving your career site. Maia offers candidates who aren't ready to apply a compelling reason to sign up.

Mobile optimized

70% of job searches happen on mobile. Maia's capture forms are optimized for the highest conversion rates on all devices.

Sync candidate data into your CRM, ATS, or existing Talent Network

And many more

Engage Automatically

Candidate engagement takes more than job alerts and company updates. Maia's Automated Engagement Program delivers helpful content that keeps passive talent engaged.

Unique career advice from our team of writers 

Prominent, branded job matches from your site

Relevant jobs from other great companies

Career advice articles from the best sources 

Career advice articles


Jobs from other companies

Hi Richard, 

According to researchers at Yale, people who read books for 30 minutes a day lived an average of 23 months longer than nonreaders or magazine readers. 

Maia              Read more books, live longer.

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Engage Directly

Maia's Direct Engagement Program keeps track of candidates and enables easy direct communication on the devices they prefer.

Engage candidates via text or email

Maia pulls in job history not provided by the candidate

Schedule interviews and sync with your calendar


Tired of paying for software that you don't use?

With Maia, you only pay for results.

Pay For Performance  |  Measurable ROI



Increase in candidates.

Dramatically improve the ROI across all of your current job advertising sources.

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